Adventure in Sedona, AZ (Part 1)

I am in the middle of moving to the East Coast, and I just had to stop in Sedona, Arizona on the way there. I have several New Age friends that had been to Sedona or had actually lived there. The best and only information I got was that it was metaphysically special. Aside from the stereotypical crystal shops and psychic readers, various parts of Sedona have energy vortexes. It is said that Sedona is a very picturesque area of the Arizona desert, and the vortexes are surrounding the town. You have to be willing to hike up to each one (weather permitting).

As of this writing, I just ended my first day of my visit. It is hot and dry, but not as much as Southern California or the Mojave Desert at this time of year. I went from 107 degrees in Needles, CA, to a steady drop to 85-90 degrees here in Sedona, AZ. I spent one night in Flagstaff, AZ where the daily temperature was in the low 80s. The elevation is the deciding factor in how bad the temperature is. My best advice is to drink a lot of water and eat lightly. Expect to be sweating to death wherever you go.

I arrived in Sedona much earlier in the day than I anticipated. My hotel room was not ready for me to enter when I came to check in. I left my car in the hotel parking lot and walked over to the trail entrance for Bell Rock. This is one of the many locations in Sedona that are said to contain a vortex. If you care to do the research, other websites on the internet will claim that each vortex in Sedona has special meaning and special healing energies associated with it. The Bell Rock vortex supposedly has male/female balancing energies, and is very inclusive with its healing properties, or some such nonsense. All that matters to me is that my hotel IS NEXT DOOR TO A VORTEX. I had to check it out while I was waiting to go to my room.

I recommend that you follow all safety precautions when trying to hike in the summer: bring plenty of sunscreen, water, wear a hat, etc. Even though I am following the safety precautions, and I did not need to go very far to experience Bell Rock, I quickly felt a sense of fatigue. I felt as though my stamina was short and I was really out of breath. As I walked closer to the vortex, I felt like I was experiencing a heart attack. I knew I was breathing, but my breaths were shallow and painful. My heart was beating so fast too.

Another thing that is going on at this writing is that 8 planets are in retrograde around Earth right now. On August 11, there is going to be a solar eclipse (visible only to Asia), and prior to that a Lion’s Gate of energy is opening from the planetary alignments. Any astrological-conscious person that is reading my article will assume that these celestial events were the cause of my pain up to the vortex. That turned out not to be the case.

I came prepared to do a shamanic journey. Due to the heat, I refused to bring one of my drums. I brought a rattle, tobacco as offering, a blindfold, my journal, and journey-enhancing oil just in case. I totally forgot to bring up my traveling shaman’s mesa, but I was able to do journey-working without it. It turns out that I did not need the journey oil because, within the vortex, the veil between the 3D plane and the spiritual plane was very thin. You have probably heard that the veil between our existence and the spiritual plane is thin on October 31-November 2 of every year. You will be glad to know that the veil between worlds is thin at the Sedona vortexes every day of the year. When I entered into journey by my rattle, I immediately was able to perceive the spirit guardians of Sedona.

I have to backtrack a little bit because I want to mention something interesting. I had just called upon the four directions, Earth and Heaven when the world around me fell dead silent. No cars drove by on the highway below, no birds chirped, no reptiles scurried around, and no bugs buzzed. This total silence went on for possibly three to five minutes following the end of my calling in Sacred Space. It freaked me out, but I quickly realized that I was about to meet some spirit guides. There were two other things I noticed about Bell Rock. Twisted trees indicate the presence of an energy vortex extending into the sky (see featured image). The vortex forces the trees to grow up in a twist. The second thing I noticed at Bell Rock was a distinct white rock line extending all the way around. I am sure this was a massive line of quartz. The twisted trees and the most concentrated part of the vortex began at the white quartz line.

In journey, I saw a group of spirits. They seemed Native American in appearance, but no affiliation to any particular tribe. There was one female spirit, and several male spirits. They came down Bell Rock to meet me and took my spirit body up to the top. There I could see all the rock formations of Sedona. I learned that there is a spirit guide at each vortex, the veil between worlds is thin at each one, and through the thinning of the veil these spirit beings could heavily influence travelers and tourists to behave a certain way. They were sad to see how things were going on in the material world, and there is a complete disregard of the environment elsewhere. They exert heavy influence on travelers coming through Sedona to be respectful and preserve the environment here at this particular location. This was somewhat scary to know, but the spirits insisted that this was for good intentions.

One of the male spirits blessed me with an eagle feather. This is a spiritual eagle feather, not a physical eagle feather. I can spend hours looking up the exact meaning behind this gift, but I was told that the spirits (as a whole) were really interested in my Eastern Direction being ruled by Eagle and Condor. I may have mentioned one other time that my shamanic path reflects teachings given to me by teachers that learned, either indirectly or directly, from Quecha Inca teachings in Peru. In Quecha teachings, my Eastern totem is Eagle and Condor. The part about Condor made no sense to the Sedona spirits, but Eagle held special meaning for them. Thus I was blessed with a spiritual eagle feather. I do feel like the blessing of the eagle feather was a special recognition of some kind. A friend suggested that this indicated that I am to have the qualities of leadership and spiritual leadership. She always suggests that I am the rare “warrior-like” individual of our shaman community that we are both part of.

The female spirit saw that I struggled so hard to get up Bell Rock and into the vortex. She gave me a healing in all of my chakras, possibly helped me shed an energetic skin, and helped give me a new sense of stamina. If I am able to visit some of the other vortexes in Sedona, I should not have such a hard time dealing with the energy any more. I felt an extra download of energy focused on my Crown and Third Eye chakras. Another blessing I received was praise in my job and that I will rise in rank as time goes on. I got the indication that things are supposed to get better. The long road ahead is to lead to good things in my future.

I gave several pinches of tobacco as offering. The spirits were happy with that and granted me permission to take down two stones from Bell Rock. It was supposed to be one, but my heart was set on another, so the spirits reluctantly allowed me to take two. The spirits in Sedona seem to hate it when people pick up rocks to take. I overheard a young girl tell her mother that she had decided to take a handful of rocks down as souvenirs, but something inside told her to drop the stones and keep going. I think the Sedona spirit guardians had something to do with that. Children visiting Bell Rock had a weird fascination with stacking rocks at the beginning and end of the trails.

At the end of my journey, I closed up Sacred Space, and I immediately heard thunder. Dark rain clouds were rolling through the area. I am not familiar with Arizona at all, and I was surprised that it could rain in August. I guess that explains why I saw so many green trees and green grass up in Flagstaff.

This concludes Part 1 of my visit to Sedona, Arizona. I cannot wait to see what spiritual shenanigans occurs next.


Lisa Wind Rider

Note: the gallery of pictures below was taken on my GoPro Hero 5.


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